Back Comparing a Scottish Island with an English Town
Look at these facts about life on a Scottish Island. How are they different from life in an English town?
  • There is probably only one policeman because there is little crime.
  • The shops might only sell yesterday’s newspaper because it has a long way to travel.
  • There is no cinema and there may only be films shown once a month.
  • There is no McDonald's.
  • Most of the shops are shut on Sundays because it is a day of rest.
  • Most of the primary schools have less than 20 pupils and only one teacher – the head teacher. Some schools may only have one or two pupils. Some older pupils live a long way away from a secondary school so they live in a hostel and only go home at weekends or once or twice a term.
  • In the islands to the west of Scotland some people speak a different language called Gaelic.
  • Lots of people own a boat.