Back Comic and TV Superheroes
Lots of superheroes have been created for films and comic books:

Superman protects Earth from any dangers. He has x-ray vision, ice breath and can fly. He pretends to be the newspaper reporter Clark Kent when not in costume.
Batman captures criminals and fights crime in Gotham City using his excellent detective skills. He drives around in a Batmobile with his sidekick Robin. Batmanís secret identity is the millionaire Bruce Wayne.
When teenager Peter Parker was bitten by a spider on a school trip he became Spiderman. He can spin webs like a spider, climb walls and use his spider-sense to alert him to danger.
When schoolboy Eric Twinge eats a banana he transforms into Bananaman and becomes very strong. He is always alert to the call of action and uses lots of banana-shaped gadgets to fight enemies like Appleman.
Buzz Lightyear is a brave space ranger and the captain of the Intergalactic Alliance. He wears a high-tech space suit which has: wings, rocket boosters and lasers on it. His often repeated catchphrase is "To infinity ... and beyond!"
Elastigirl is the wife of Mr Incredible. She is very flexible and so can stretch her body over 30 metres to stop criminals escaping.