Contents - Castles

   Norman invasion
   William's castles
   Controling England
   Castle defences
   Attacking a castle
   Becoming a knight
   Jousting and coats of arms
   Inside castle buildings
   Castle kitchens
   Skipton castle
   Pictures of castles
   Pictures of Skipton Castle
   Barnaby Bear visits Edinburgh Castle
   Barnaby Bear visits a castle
   The Normans: Motte and Bailey Castles
   Explore Leeds Castle
   Explore Warwick Castle
   Explore Skipton Castle
   Norman invasion jigsaw puzzle
   Controlling England sequencing activity
   Label the parts of a castle
   Catapult jigsaw puzzle
   Label a knight's armour
   Label the parts of a coat of arms
   Design a coat of arms
   Life in Medieval times missing words activity
   Label Skipton Castle
   Skipton Castle missing words activity
   Castle captions
   Castles poster
   Knights poster